November Meeting

Mon, 2009-11-30 18:00 - 22:00
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The TC-Lispers monthly meeting will be 30th November (just making it in under the line for November), at 6:00 at the Common Roots Cafe.

Topic: Panel Discussion on GUIs and Common Lisp

What libraries are there?  How satisfactory are they?  Cross-platform?  etc.


  • Paul Krueger -- Apple Mac UIs from Common Lisp
  • Patrick Stein -- cl-opengl
  • Robert Goldman -- Two all-CL solutions, and using Firefox as a GUI toolkit
  • Moderator:  Dave Musliner

Panel format

We'll give everyone about 10 minutes to say their piece, and then move on to what we hope will be a wild and wooly free-for-all.  Show up early for a cheap Surly or two to get the juices flowing!


We could still use some people to talk about alternatives that are missing.  Some candidates include:

  • The proprietary toolkits:  Allegro and LispWorks both offer proprietary UI toolkits
  • Ltk: Peter Herth's ltk seems like one of the most lispy-feeling alternatives
  • Win32:  What about RDNZL and .NET?
  • Outsource our GUIs to Java?

If you know anything about these, please consider giving a short presentation (or rant) on the topic.  Volunteer via the comments, the mailing list, or direct email.