Topics for Mikel Evins' talk

SK8 application framework -- hypercard-like system written in Lisp
11% (2 votes)
Bard and its categories object system
0% (0 votes)
Why Clojure is important
22% (4 votes)
Why R6RS is important
11% (2 votes)
How to design and implement a lisp
28% (5 votes)
The three most important languages in my career
17% (3 votes)
How Lisp is like no other language/why lisp is cool
11% (2 votes)
Total votes: 18

A look ahead: coming meetings

Next meeting will be on 22 February, and will be at the SIFT offices at 211 N. First Street in Minneapolis.  See  The speaker, remotely over iChat, will be Mikel Evins.  Topic yet to be determined.

The March meeting is not yet scheduled, but will focus on Lisp-based (including Scheme and Clojure!) web frameworks.  Pradeep Bashyal is chairing.

January Meeting

Mon, 2010-01-25 18:00 - 22:00

Common Roots Cafe's Community Meeting room

Monday, January 25th from 6:00 PM until we run out of steam, or 10:00 PM, whichever comes first.  Plan is to secure food and bevvy and mill around from 6:00 to 6:30 PM followed by the meeting proper.

Miscellaneous topics and planning for the rest of 2010.

Cocoa/Lisp Tutorial

At Robert's request I am posting a link to where you can download my Cocoa/Lisp tutorial document (see the "More Information" link below). To get all of the associated lisp code you will need to go to the CCL website. You can browse the code by going to and then click successively on

trunk -> source -> contrib -> krueger

Here was my previous announcement:

For those of you who might have seen my talk at the last TCLispers meeting and are using CCL and would perhaps like to try things for yourself, here is an update.

I just committed a new contribution to the Clozure CCL repository (.../ccl/contrib/krueger). 

I've been going down a path of learning how to create Cocoa interfaces using Apple's Interface Builder (on Macs of course) and interfacing them to lisp. As I learned, I kept fairly detailed notes about what I learned and have incorporated that into a tutorial. I wanted to do something similar to what Aaron Hillegass did with his book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" , but using Lisp as the interface language. The tutorial is included in the material that I submitted:


It's about 70 pages right now. It includes a preamble that describes my search for a user interface development methodology and why I ended up taking the path that I did. I'd be happy to send this directly to anyone who would prefer to see that before going to the trouble of getting an update.

At this point I have committed seven test projects and have a few more planned for the near future. They can all be run immediately under a vanilla CCL IDE without interfering with it in any way. You might want to glance at the tutorial to see how I set up ccl-init.lisp to make that fairly easy to do and for instructions on how to run the examples. I specifically wanted to avoid having to create stand-alone executables in order to use my interfaces although I didn't want to preclude that either.

I'd be happy to get corrections or other comments.


Next meeting scheduled!

Next meeting will be 25 January 2010, 6:00 PM (meeting proper starts at 6:30, shuffling chairs, chatting, eating and drinking starts at 6:00).

I'll put up a formal, sticky, event notice when we have more details.

Please contact me if you have anything you'd like to present.

Happy New Year!

More on Garnet

Daniel Herring was kind enough to send this query, and I thought I'd make an open response, hoping that it will be of general interest:

Hi Robert,

I read through your TC Lispers slides and was surprised to see Garnet as one of the big three (and no LTK!?!). The garnetlisp sourceforge site looks nearly abandoned, and on cliki Stelios Kokkalis refers to a project which never appeared on

After a fair deal of searching, I noticed the garnetlisp CVS tree is still active. You might want to release a current "stable" tarball and update other pages; I thought the project had been abandoned years ago.

Let me take these two points in order:

  1. The material discussed at the meeting --- and particularly mine --- made no pretensions of being representative.  Mine in particular was only about the frameworks that I've spent a lot of time with.  I would very much have liked to hear about ltk, personally, since I have lashed together several crude UIs using tcl/tk and expect/tk, and since it looks pretty good, but no one volunteered to talk about it.
  2. Garnet has been dormant.  Talking about it made me go back and have a look again.  I have been trying to get it working again, using a combination of SBCL and Christophe Rhodes's new, improved CLX.  I chose SBCL, because I thought that would be most appealing to the community at large, but this may have been a mistake --- SBCL had not yet forked from CMUCL at the time most of Garnet was written, so there are a lot of places where the various conditional compilation directives don't cover SBCL.  ACL was active then, so it might have been a better choice.  My wife has been out of town, so there's been no one to complain about me banging on Garnet late at night, but it's not ready for a tarball release yet.  I have most of the tour working, but not all yet.  I will post more on the tc-lispers web site as time permits, and progress justifies.


GUI Discussion

Lisp GUI Discussion on Vimeo.

Robert Goldman, Paul Krueger, and Patrick Stein gave short presentations on different approaches to Graphical User Interfaces with Common Lisp.

Coming to the November meeting?

86% (6 votes)
14% (1 vote)
I am boycotting because of the plentiful supply of inexpensive delicious beer
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

November Meeting

Mon, 2009-11-30 18:00 - 22:00
Event type: 

The TC-Lispers monthly meeting will be 30th November (just making it in under the line for November), at 6:00 at the Common Roots Cafe.

Topic: Panel Discussion on GUIs and Common Lisp

What libraries are there?  How satisfactory are they?  Cross-platform?  etc.


  • Paul Krueger -- Apple Mac UIs from Common Lisp
  • Patrick Stein -- cl-opengl
  • Robert Goldman -- Two all-CL solutions, and using Firefox as a GUI toolkit
  • Moderator:  Dave Musliner

Panel format

We'll give everyone about 10 minutes to say their piece, and then move on to what we hope will be a wild and wooly free-for-all.  Show up early for a cheap Surly or two to get the juices flowing!


We could still use some people to talk about alternatives that are missing.  Some candidates include:

  • The proprietary toolkits:  Allegro and LispWorks both offer proprietary UI toolkits
  • Ltk: Peter Herth's ltk seems like one of the most lispy-feeling alternatives
  • Win32:  What about RDNZL and .NET?
  • Outsource our GUIs to Java?

If you know anything about these, please consider giving a short presentation (or rant) on the topic.  Volunteer via the comments, the mailing list, or direct email.

Should we discuss the question of CL and UIs at the November meeting?

100% (8 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8
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