Cocoa/Lisp Tutorial

At Robert's request I am posting a link to where you can download my Cocoa/Lisp tutorial document (see the "More Information" link below). To get all of the associated lisp code you will need to go to the CCL website. You can browse the code by going to and then click successively on

trunk -> source -> contrib -> krueger

Here was my previous announcement:

For those of you who might have seen my talk at the last TCLispers meeting and are using CCL and would perhaps like to try things for yourself, here is an update.

I just committed a new contribution to the Clozure CCL repository (.../ccl/contrib/krueger). 

I've been going down a path of learning how to create Cocoa interfaces using Apple's Interface Builder (on Macs of course) and interfacing them to lisp. As I learned, I kept fairly detailed notes about what I learned and have incorporated that into a tutorial. I wanted to do something similar to what Aaron Hillegass did with his book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" , but using Lisp as the interface language. The tutorial is included in the material that I submitted:


It's about 70 pages right now. It includes a preamble that describes my search for a user interface development methodology and why I ended up taking the path that I did. I'd be happy to send this directly to anyone who would prefer to see that before going to the trouble of getting an update.

At this point I have committed seven test projects and have a few more planned for the near future. They can all be run immediately under a vanilla CCL IDE without interfering with it in any way. You might want to glance at the tutorial to see how I set up ccl-init.lisp to make that fairly easy to do and for instructions on how to run the examples. I specifically wanted to avoid having to create stand-alone executables in order to use my interfaces although I didn't want to preclude that either.

I'd be happy to get corrections or other comments.



Download Cocoa/Lisp Tutorial

Hmmm... it appears that the "More Information" link that I saw in the preview wasn't actually put into the posted message, so I'll do it here. To download the tutorial go to:

and then click on the "downloading" button.



Hmmm... yes, that link didn't

Hmmm... yes, that link didn't show up on the front page, but does show up when you look at the article page.