June venue and date reserved

Common Roots has granted us the Common Room 6p to 10p on June 13th, 2011.

This gives us a bunch of time to plan, and this might well be a good time to have our discussion about emacs-lisp.  I'm willing to bet that emacs-lisp is the most commonly used lisp (judged by lines of code in daily use, and number of daily users).  It would be great to have a bunch of short talks here, because it's such a rich topic.  Some that I can think of are:


  • Summary of emacs-lisp.  What's its relationship to other lisps (notably common lisp and scheme)?
  • Org-mode: an exciting new emacs utility, and an enormous feat of emacs-lisp programming.
  • Org-babel:  Eric Iverson was interested in talking about his experiences with this, and that sounds great to me.  Org-babel allows you to put executable code inside org-mode files, making it possible to do things like repeatable research, literate programming, template expansion, etc.
  • Others?

Please contact me if you would like to talk about one of the above, or some other topic related to emacs-lisp.




Certainly emacs-lisp getting

Certainly emacs-lisp getting lexical scope is a significant modernization of the language.