Tom Marble on Clojure

We succeeded in persuading Tom to talk about Clojure under the guise of giving his report on the Clojure Conj (conference).  His viewgraph presentation may be found here (SVG format).  About the format, he writes:

I created that with Inkscape and Jessyink.

He also offers the following pointers for direct use:

First Clojure Conj

Twitter for the conj!/clojure_conj

Making Leiningen Work for You Phil Hagelberg

Rich at the JVM language summit in summer 2010

Web Mining

k-nearest neighbors binary classifier
MaxWalkSAT weighted satisfiability solver

A* in Clojure

Stochastic Gradient Descent

Clojure Driven Social Media Community website

Progress towards 1.3/2.0


Next clojure conj, Novemver 10-12 in Durham, NC.

Disclojure (sort of tweet aggregator)

From Concurrency to Parallelism David Liebke

Rich Hickey Clojure Workshop


Press followup from FOSDEM

Getting started with Clojure (new path to slime and friends)

Emacs starter kit

ELPA (<- FYI I know Tromey! Maybe we could trick him in to
  giving a remote talk?)